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Covelo/Round Valley Non-Motorized Needs
Assessment & Engineered Feasibility Study

This project, now complete, was funded by Caltrans through a Fiscal Year 2011/12 Environmental Justice Transportation Planning grant of $135,000 with a $15,000 local match from MCOG, in addition to a State Planning & Research grant of $150,000. The professional team of GHD Engineering with its subcontractors Alta Planning + Design, Rau & Associates, and Local Government Commission was selected to work with local stakeholders and perform the studies, in partnership with Caltrans District 1 and MCOG.

Building on several recent plans and studies, the team evaluated the Covelo community's high priority non-motorized corridors from a technical standpoint to identify fundable bicycle and pedestrian projects. The study also identified projects to address needs and gaps on the Route 162 corridor through Covelo and the Round Valley Indian Reservation.

The team held public meetings and workshops, and worked with a Technical Advisory Group. The first event sought community input at a free workshop on February 28 at the Round Valley Library Commons Community Room (see notice below). Another community workshop was held on September 5, 2013 at the RVIT Tribal Administration Center. A presentation of the draft final plan was made to MCOG's Board of Directors on November 4, 2013 in Covelo.

Project information, materials, and results:

Final Report 1/15/2014
18.1 MB
Final Report Appendices 1/15/2014
10.9 MB
Proposed Improvement Designs 1/15/2014
2.2 MB
Conceptual Drainage Assessment
8.4 MB
Survey Right-of-Way Base Maps
2 MB
Conceptual SR-162 Class I Trail Improvement Plans
9.4 MB
Workshop Invitation Sept. 5, 2013 8/23/2013
184 KB
Environmental Reconnaissance Report
10 MB
Media Release: Feb 28 Workshop: Making Safe Walk and Bike Paths in Round Valley
39 KB
Workshop Invitation
 456 KB
FY 2012/13 Work Element 22 - MCOG Program Element
222 KB
FY 2012/13 Work Element 26 - MCOG Program Element
261 KB
Covelo Project Study Report (PSR) 8/14/2012
33 MB
Request for Proposals (closed) 5/24/2012
351 KB
Walk/Bike Path and Community Revitalization Strategy
6.3 MB
















For more information about the project, contact: Phil Dow at MCOG, 463-1859

For more information about grants: Caltrans Transportation Planning Grant Program

Photos by Janet Orth & from Alta-LGC report